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Pitch 11′

Sep 09 2011 Published by under Event,Startup

I attended at the first annual Pitch startup event yesterday at the beautiful At&t Park in San Francisco.


The Man Behind the Curtain

There were 90 startups and over 1800 people in attendance – big turnout for a first time event. I had a chance to talk with Duane Nason, the man behind Pitch, about how he came up with the idea for Pitch. I’m not a journalist, nor do I pretend to be, so I won’t quote him – but the gist is that he wanted to facilitate a startup event that was both fun and affordable. I believe he accomplished both of those things.

Taylor’s Top Three Startups (not in order)

(1) kwarter


It’s time for a completely reinvented TV experience that gives sports fans more emotion, more fun and rewards. Kwarter is a Social Sports Application that connects sports fans together during live games to share comments, pictures, have fun and get rewarded!

I am NOT a big sports fan, in fact, the only sport that I watch is golf. That might all change, however, because of kwarter. Kwarter is a app that works on your iPad creating a interactive platform that functions like the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS. While you are watching a sporting event, activities that are happening at the game are synchronized with activities on your iPad. For example, when a player hits a foul ball, a ball will go shooting by on your iPad screen. The best part is that all these activities have rewards. To continue our example, if you click on the foul ball, you will obtain either in-game points or actual gear that will be sent to your home!

I would definitely recommend signing up to be a beta tester.


(2) hipmunk


I love this company for one very  important reason… their mascot is adorably adorable. Just look at it… it’s so cute. I haven’t had a chance to try out their service but it looks promising. It’s a deep discount flight and hotel locator.


(3) NetPlenish

The products you buy over and over again, automatically delivered from the merchant with the lowest price each time!

These guys are awesome. They have an amazing product and work ethic, and guess what? They won! Seems winning is correlated with being personable and having a great product – who knew?! You can sign up for beta testing here.



Fun Stuff

My girlfriend Kelli playing Tetris. I may be biased, but my gf is the best Tetris player in the world. She had 10 lines before I had 3 (not  a drug reference). 

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Startup Event!!!

Sep 07 2011 Published by under Event,Startup

“Meet the latest startups at Pitch”

If you are into Tech startups you are well aware of Disrupt, Techcrunch’s convention, however, you may not be aware of the $3,000 price tax or a ticket. So what if you can’t afford Disrupt? Last year there wasn’t a good answer, this year the answer is Pitch. Pitch is dirt cheap. And if you use startup digests code (startupdigest20) you can grab a ticket for twenty bucks!

Oh, I forgot to mention – there is going to be over 1800 people in attendance and 90 startups who will be showcasing their technology. Also, there will also be VPs and Angels roaming around – schmoozing.

See you there!


Event Details


Sept, 8

San Francisco @ AT&T Park

2pm to 9pm

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