New Feedback Tab Added

Dec 05 2012

We just added a new feedback tab to the site. Now, if you ever have a question, comment, or complaint, you can get in touch with the Jotwol team right away.

We hope to hear from users more, so send everything our way!

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New Load Screen

Mar 28 2012

We changed the load screen from white to Jotwol grey. It’s easier on the mind.

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How we feel about the JOBS Bill

Mar 19 2012

We just finished reading the new Crowdinvesting bill known as the JOBS Act (CLICK HERE). Title III will apply to us – starts on page 24. Many startups, including us, are very exacted by the provisions that apply to crowdinvesting.

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Law Firm ~=~ StartUp

Mar 01 2012

My thesis of this blog post is: law firms and web startups have one HUGE common denominator (the ~=~ means common denominator in brail). So, what is this common denominator? How could a law firm and a web startup have anything in common? I promise they do – but first I must tell you a little story.

I’m sitting in my “Business Planning” class, in law school, and discussing what happens when one lawyer, with all the clients, wants to leave the firm. You see in law firms clients are the number one asset, and when one lawyer wants to leave it’s a big deal. I digress. My point is clients are important – VERY IMPORTANT!

What people fail to realize when starting a web startup is that the USER is the most important asset of the startup. Sure, patents and IP are important, but at the end of the day, if no one is using your product, it’s not that valuable. This may seem like common sense to most of you reading this BUT “common sense isn’t so common.”

When designing JOTWOL we were asked everyday by blogs, mentors, users, friends, and colleagues, “HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE MONEY?” This question threw us off course, more than once, from developing a product that users loved. And we apologize for our stupidity.

To our users: We promise to put you first. You are the ones who make jotwol an awesome place. You are the ones who make it fun for us to continue development even though we are too tired to carry on.

To the Entrepreneurs: Don’t worry about montization – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research and put in the necessary due diligence required to run a business – it just means to put it second, third, or even forth on the list of importance.

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Reddit alien seen drunk with Jotwol elf

Feb 29 2012

As discussed before, Jotwol has a new subreddit (CLICK HERE). Founder Danny has been working on our subreddit logo and came up with this (CLICK HERE) – it’s just a rough sketch.

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Jotwol Mascot makes debut

Feb 28 2012

We’ve decided to create a mascot for Jotwol. We waffled a little but then we realized that one of our founders was a cartoonist. You would think that we would have put the two together! When we told Founder Danny to come up with something unique and webby, he failed miserably. Instead he gave us a drunken elf – the kind he use to draw during his years in catholic elementary school (no joke).

CLICK HERE to view a 10 minute sketch of the new mascot!

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FIX: Screen Splits

Feb 28 2012

We’ve fixed the screen splicing problem on the wol!

The problem occurred due to a loop in the code.

Thanks again to all our testers out there that brought this to our attention – without your support Jotwol would not be the best drawing wol on the internet!

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reddit + jotwol = wuv

Feb 23 2012

We created a subreddit page for Jotwol… and it’s awesome. Only one of our founders was a redditor when we started Jotwol, now all three of us are. Reddit is weird and hasn’t been the most productive community for Jotwol — we’ve seen massive amounts of trolling (even from the art subreddit). However, we’ve decided to give this rambunctious group another shot.

If you are not on the reedit bandwagon yet, it’s time to jump on. You’ll be able to immediately participate in the Jotwol community — at least until we finish PHASE II.


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New Features are Amazing

Feb 09 2012

We are creating so many new features it’s hard to keep them all straight. Our team is really doing something exciting. We know You guys will love it!

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PHASE II Begins!!!

Feb 04 2012

The boys have started working on Jotwol PHASE II… There are so many new features coming — it’s going to be awesome.

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